Bronze Program

OMC’s WellnessWorks™ Bronze Program offers the client a low cost introduction to wellness in the workplace. Bronze level programming will help increase health awareness within the company through general health promotion, wellness challenges, educational handouts, healthy recipes, wellness newsletters, bulletin board materials, and health promotion videos. Let OMC help you begin establishing a healthy company culture.

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Silver Program

OMC’s WellnessWorks™ Silver Program is a great starting point for companies who are new to wellness and are ready to formalize their commitment to healthy employee behavior. If you are looking for a program that requires minimal company administrative resources, will enhance your wellness culture, increase employee engagement, boost employee morale, and result in moderate sustained behavior change, OMC’s Silver Program is the right choice for you.

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Gold Program

OMC’s WellnessWorks™ Gold Program is comprised of all the great features of the Silver Program but with increased emphasis on Health Coaching through face-to-face coaching and behavior change skill building in participants. If you are looking for a more comprehensive wellness program that typically engages 80%+ of your population, Gold is the program for you.

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