Silver Program

OMC’s WellnessWorks™ Silver Program is a great starting point for companies who are new to wellness and are ready to formalize their commitment to healthy employee behavior. If you are looking for a program that requires minimal company administrative resources, will enhance your wellness culture, increase employee engagement, boost employee morale, and result in moderate sustained behavior change, OMC’s Silver Program is the right choice for you.

Program Components Overview:

  • Implementation and Communication Planning and Guidance
  • Health Challenges
  • Newsletters
  • Bulletin Board Materials
  • Wellness Education Materials- Webinars, Health Promotion Videos, and Handouts
  • Online Health Risk Assessment
  • Participant Web Portal Access
  • Secure Messaging and Ongoing Communication with Health Coach through Internal Message System
  • Telephonic Health Coaching Access
  • Reports:
    • Participant engagement and health challenge results– monthly
    • Health risk data reporting—current risk behavior and change over time data– quarterly

Recommended for: Companies nationwide who are interested in a wellness program but are limited in abilities to accept onsite health coaching presence. The Silver Program is administered by OMC, relieving responsibility in administering and executing a wellness program of your own.